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One year with the Oppo R17 Pro

The Oppo brand, which is rather unknown here in Germany, belongs to the Chinese BKK Group, which is strong in the Asian market in particular. The Group also owns the better-known brand OnePlus in Germany. Basically, both brands from the corporate shelf, with manufacturing and software in turn is with the brands. These are good conditions for the smartphone from Oppo, where you have to say in general that the components used are not very different from other manufacturers. The question is how a smartphone of the upper middle class beats after a year in use.

General performance
The opposition alliance R17 Pro uses a Snapdragon 710. It was not the best one could find on the market a year ago, but the CPU is fast enough to do all the work quickly and fluently. During the entire time I never had the impression that the processor would work on the edge of its efficiency. Although I'm not a regular gamer, but have installed the mobile version of PUBG and now and then also played. Again, there were no complaints, the game ran smoothly in a good resolution.

The 8 GB of RAM were also sufficient, as was the 128 GB. After a year, about 50 GB of it are still free, but I also cleaned up the storage regularly. Especially videos were deleted, otherwise the memory would probably have been full faster.

General quality
There was nothing to complain about the quality of construction. I'm not gentle with my devices. They are permanently in productive use, either in my trouser pocket or in a backpack. The smartphone was stuck in a bumper the whole time, the screen was protected with a foil. Except for a slight scratch in the display, which went through the film, the device continues to look like new. There were no color separations or other signs of wear.

battery pack
One of the classic weaknesses of any smartphone is the battery. Oppo has put on the R17 Pro on an interesting variant. It is based on two 1850 mAh batteries, together 3700 mAh. The reason for this is the fast charger used. With 10V and 5A, the smartphone is fired, resulting in very impressive loading speeds. After just 15 minutes, the battery is charged from 1 percent to around 50 percent. After just over half an hour, the battery is full. This is very impressive, but logically works only with the included charger and the cable.

At the beginning of the long test, the battery impressed with long runtimes. Despite intensive use, the battery lasted until late at night. That changed in the course of the year but then. In the case of very heavy use, for example at a trade fair or a conference, the battery is now emptying so fast that you either have to use the power bank or look for a power outlet.

The assumption is obvious that the almost brutally fast charging speed in the long term is at the expense of the battery. The holds, however, in normal use, still easily a whole day through. Overall, a satisfactory performance.

Software and updates
Oppo uses its own overlay system called ColorOS. However, this is already relatively close to the stock Android, so updates (see below) are passed through relatively quickly. Handling ColorOS is easy, even though the OnePlus system is often more thoughtful. Some functions are very hidden or simply not available, such as a simple screen recording. But there are enough apps in the PlayStore.

Really annoying, however, are the preset energy-saving features. In principle, all apps are strangled as soon as the smartphone is in hibernation for a few minutes. This also means that sometimes there are no push messages. You have to manually select the apps by hand one by one in the not easy to find menu and give them the permission to run in the background as well. It would be easier if the system simply queried this during installation.

In terms of updates there is light and shadow. Oppo plays the important security patches relatively regularly. At the beginning of November 2019, Oppo R17 Pro will be at the patch level of September 2019. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out why the October update was not installed. On the other hand, the Oppo is still stuck on Android 8.1. Several times the release for Android 9 including the new Oppo system ColorOS 6.0 has been announced, but this has not yet been delivered. Ironically, the in-house competition of OnePlus makes a much better figure here.

The camera will not be worse, especially as Oppo nachzulegen with updates. But how does the camera compare after a year compared to current smartphones ? The camera of the Oppo R17 Pro belonged from the beginning to the cream pieces of the mobile phone. The large camera on the back consists of a threefold setup consisting of the main sensor with 12 MP with variable aperture (f1.5 / f2.4), a wide sensor with 20 MP and a f2.6 aperture and a 3D stereo camera for depth detection. This can be great photos. Sharpness and color are fantastic, the start and shutter speed of the camera also.

Ebis's criticism is the white balance in weaker light conditions. The photos are then rather pale, but can be edited well. I've been using the Snapseed app for ages.

The camera has its own night mode, which produces amazing results at first glance. However, the software engineers have meant something good, because sometimes the images are heavily overdone and are a bit muddy when looked at in detail. For Instagram and other web applications, however, it is enough.

Also in the video recording plays the Oppo R17 Pro in the upper class with. They are recorded in 4K and there is an optical image stabilizer that does its job well. I usually use the front camera for my weekly videos and the picture quality is quite sufficient. The sound recording is also ok, but I also put on the Shure MV88 +.

Over the past 12 months, I've been comparing photos with other devices, most recently with the iPhone 11 and the OnePlus 7. They look a bit more crisp in the details, especially on the iPhone, but there are not any huge differences. The camera of the Oppo still keeps up with the upper class after a year.


  • Design / 8
  • Camera / 8
  • Sound / 7
  • Performance / 7.5
  • Battery life / 8
  • Software / 7.5
  • Price / 8
  • Editor's Choice / 9
  • Hardware / 8
  • Display / 8

Even after a year, the Oppo R17 Pro is still a very good smartphone from the upper middle class. Of course, it can no longer keep up with the new top-of-the-line devices, but it still provides enough performance for my job as a journalist to be able to work properly. Often, after a year or so, on my recent gadgets, I felt that time was up for something new, but not in this case. Only the weakening battery annoys something, but he is charged super fast again.

One year ago, Oppo costs about 700 euros, now the price is around 450 euros. But you still get a very good smartphone with a towering camera and the mentioned fast charger. When Oppo finally rolls out Android 9 for the device, you're on the safe side in terms of software. From my side there is therefore a clear recommendation.


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