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Klopp happy for Liverpool to rely on Lady Luck in win over Tottenham

Liverpool director Jurgen Klopp acknowledges karma has had an impact in their ascent to title contenders yet focused on the activity the players have done ought not be under-evaluated.

His side grabbed a 2-1 prevail upon Tottenham because of a 90th-minute Toby Alderweireld possess objective to move back to the highest point of the Premier League – two points clear of Manchester City, who have a match close by.

Mohamed Salah's header was palmed once more into the six-yard zone by Hugo Lloris and Alderweireld redirected it back past his goalkeeper.

It was Liverpool's 33rd winning objective in the 90th moment or later in Premier League history, which is eight more than some other side, and Klopp was inquired as to whether it was "destiny" for Liverpool to win the title.

"I don't go that far yet on the off chance that you experience the period of different groups, you will discover these minutes too," said Klopp.

"I told the young men after the amusement, there are 500,000 distinctive approaches to win a football match-up and it was fairly terrible.

"Forget about it, we take that. Without a touch of karma you can't be in the position we are in. It's unrealistic.

"The young men buckle down, I think they merit a touch of karma. For every one of the focuses we have now, we buckled down.

Liverpool FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

"It isn't imperative when you score however what it is on the scoresheet a short time later. Force isn't an incident, it is something you take, you keep and you use. That helped clearly.

"Nine months back, we began this mission, this ride, and needed to go for the most astounding stakes in two rivalries. We did it our way. The young men improved to such an extent.

"We need to figure out how to win diversions substantially more frequently than previously. As of recently it worked. It is all great.

"The young men buckle down and in the event that we would be first of the table after the last match of season, it would be a title of will. We need it. We become accustomed to circumstances, a tiny bit at a time, somewhat better."

Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp says 'desire and attitude' behind title bid

Liverpool chief Jurgen Klopp says his group required "karma" to beat Tottenham, yet included that "want and disposition" is driving their Premier League title offer.

Toby Alderweireld's late claim objective at Anfield on Sunday moved the Reds two points clear of adversaries Manchester City, who have an amusement close by.

Liverpool are endeavoring to win their first top-flight title for a long time.

"We contend with Manchester City. Disclose to me two better groups right now - and we contend with them," Klopp said.

"I told the young men after the diversion there are 500,000 different ways to win a football match-up, and today was somewhat monstrous.

"Be that as it may, without a touch of karma you can't be in the position we are in.

"We are top of the table. In the event that we are there toward the finish of the period it will be down to will, want and demeanor."

Is destiny taking Liverpool to the title?

'He has let Tottenham down too often - Jenas on Lloris

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham as it occurred

Shielding champions City will recapture top spot in the event that they rout strugglers Cardiff at Etihad Stadium on Wednesday (19:45 BST kick-off).

Gusto Guardiola's side turned into the primary group in English top-flight history to achieve 100 when they won the alliance last season.

In any case, Klopp's side are likewise breaking new ground and their count of 79 from 32 installations shrouds the 76 they had in 1987-88, when they proceeded to win their seventeenth of 18 top-flight titles.

"On the off chance that we are top of the table after the last matchday, it would be a title of will," said Klopp, who pinpointed the response of the Anfield group to Lucas Moura's balancing objective with 20 minutes left on Sunday as being critical to his group.

"Nine months back, we began and needed to go for the most noteworthy stakes in two rivalries. We did it our way. For every one of the focuses we have now, we buckle down.

"It isn't essential when you score however what it is on the scoresheet a while later. Force isn't a fortuitous event - it is something you take, you keep and you use.

"We become acclimated to circumstances a tiny bit at a time. The entire arena... it was the best execution of a Liverpool swarm after an equalizer since I arrived."

Liverpool: Is fate taking Jurgen Klopp's side to title after win over Spurs?

Liverpool have been showered in applauses for as far back as two seasons as Jurgen Klopp's side have lit up the Premier League and Champions League with an exciting all-activity style.

Klopp's assaulting trident of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino remains the point of convergence and most attractive part of Liverpool's group, however this by itself does not prompt one thrashing in 32 Premier League recreations this season.

Liverpool have shown quality, strength, duty and continuance since August. It has put them top of the table with only six recreations to play.

At times, nonetheless, different powers are required and as Liverpool fans documented out into the lanes around Anfield in a condition of joy and skepticism, this 2-1 prevail upon Tottenham incited another inquiry - are Klopp's men presently being guided towards their first title in 29 years by predetermination?

Liverpool have not been an incredible glimmering assaulting power of last season however it is a blend of this ground breaking power and different characteristics recently referenced that have placed them in sight of their first title since 1990.

They were all on show as Liverpool rode their karma and delved into their stores to win an amusement against Spurs that looked set to be a draw - and could even have been lost had Moussa Sissoko's nerve not fizzled him so fantastically as he dashed clear on objective in the end minutes with the score 1-1.

It left the last page of the emotional storyline to be composed as Spurs attendant Hugo Lloris, again and again inclined to blunder, bungled Salah's header on to Toby Alderweireld's shin and into the net in front a happy Kop.

Liverpool did not merit the three but rather they will take them and won't mind one scribble. What's more, who can accuse them?

Klopp's side were not even close to their best yet it is one of the most established adages in football that champions are frequently the individuals who win in these very conditions.

As Liverpool supporters praised another huge outcome in the pursuit for the trophy that has been distant for such a long time - may in any case remain so given Manchester City's tenacious advancement - there is only that developing sense that this season those odd occasions that can choose things, for example, Premier League titles might succumb to them.

Keep in mind Riyad Mahrez's late punishment miss that could have given Manchester City two additional focuses in the goalless draw here at Anfield in October?

Keep in mind Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford's puzzling mistake that gave Liverpool triumph by means of Divock Origi's 96th-minute victor in the Merseyside derby at Anfield in December?

Keep in mind how Crystal Palace's veteran guardian Julian Speroni was so severely to blame in the 4-3 prevail upon Crystal Palace at Anfield in January?

Lloris would now be able to add his name to that rundown, as can Sissoko, to add weight to the contention of the individuals who accept there is a pinch of fate about Liverpool's Premier League interest season.

Pivotal turning points. Enormous focuses.

What's more, they all include close by Liverpool's other exceptional exhibitions to influence the kind of bundle that to can win a Premier League.

Klopp, got some information about the bits of destiny, stated: "I don't go that far however you experience the period of different groups, you will discover these things too. For every one of the focuses we have now, we buckle down.

"It isn't vital when you score however what it is on the scoresheet a short time later. Force isn't an incident. It is something you take, you keep and you use."

Manchester City can return themselves at the leader of the pack with triumph over Cardiff in midweek yet it has been clear from the very beginning of this season Liverpool are not leaving and the way in which they uncovered themselves from underneath a gap here is a gigantic tribute to their frame of mind.

Liverpool demonstrated the imbued strength in their last class diversion at Fulham when they were pegged back in the wake of overwhelming yet won through James Milner's late punishment.

Also, nobody totals up that frame of mind superior to left-back Andy Robertson.

When Scotland's universal notoriety is at a low ebb after an overwhelming annihilation in Kazakhstan and a mixed success in San Marino, the little comfort is that they have a player who is a genuine gem in Liverpool's crown.

He was remarkable against Spurs, so great there was even a discussion among experienced Liverpool watchers with respect to whether the humble 25-year-old is currently on course to make himself one of the club's best left-backs.

Robertson's flooding runs gave Kieran Trippier a bad dream initial 45 minutes, which incorporated a cross for Firmino's going objective that was basically flawlessness, requiring just a pleasant gesture to beat Lloris, who was again at fault for a sluggish leeway that gave Liverpool ownership.

Robertson additionally gave a noteworthy commitment as Spurs connected weight in the second half with a significant square on Christian Eriksen when the Dane looked sure to score before the Anfield Road end.

Robertson is simply the exemplification of Liverpool's persevering good faith and self-conviction, close by the class and quiet of Virgil van Dijk and those three praised advances.

But, as the residue settled on another marvelous, riotous Anfield finale, a great part of the discussion was of destiny and that perhaps this is the season Liverpool are at long last intended to win the Premier League.


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