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Jobcoach: How to find a reputable career assistant

A job coach can be of great help to workers who are dissatisfied with their current job. But also school leavers and university graduates can benefit from the objective view of the consultant. But: Such coaching is not exactly cheap, so be careful when choosing the right advisor. The fact that Jobcoach is not a protected job title does not necessarily make that easier. Find out how to find the right consultant for your questions here ...

What does a job coach do?
What does a job coach do?The question of what exactly a job coach does is not so easy to answer. The problem: There is no uniformly regulated training for this profession - and the job title is not protected either . This means that anyone who wants this can call themselves a job coach.

In recent years, more and more courses are offered that provide a qualification as a job coach or career counselor. In addition, there are more than 300 advanced and advanced training programs , which should facilitate the entry or the further progress as a job coach.

Many job coaches have at least basic pedagogical skills . After all, not only do they need to be fit in the economic environment, but they must be able to communicate the insights they have gained with their clients.

In terms of what they offer, most job coaches do not differ from career counselors. Both offer help when it comes to professional reorientation . Even when employees feel they are in a dead end and can not see a way out, going to a job coach is an option.

Jobcoach and the client usually take a closer look at the curriculum vitae and other biographical data and then develop a strategy that is as concrete as possible in the future.

But job advisors also help with the first search for a job or an apprenticeship by working with their clients on their interests, ideas and wishes.

In addition, there are also consultants who are on the questions of self-presentation (keyword interview and application) with words and deeds.

Where does a job coach work?
There are rarely any permanent jobs for this type of advisor. Mostly at universities, the Federal Employment Agency, job centers or outplacement consultancy .

In classical companies, however, the position of a job coach is rare. It is possible that there are employees who deal with similar problems, but these will usually have a different name and be found in the personnel development .

Most job coaches work independently or in coaching consultations and look back on a certain work experience in the business world.

How do I find the right advisor?
How do I find the right advisor?In the search for the right job coach, caution is advised, because after all, this is about your job and career . If you pay attention to the following things, it will be easier to find a suitable job coach:

Browse databases
To make your search easier, you should look into the net . In the meantime, there are special databases in which you can specifically search for the right career assistant for you. This is, for example, the database of the Professional Association for Training, Counseling and Coaching (BDVT) or the or the German Association of Coaching eV (BDVC).

Check the qualification
Most job coaches have additional education or even a college degree. This training should suit you and your degree and / or interests so that the coach knows what he or she is talking about.

In addition, the counselor should be familiar with various coaching methods or techniques . Terms that you might encounter in this context are

Peak Performance Potential (PPP) Tool
Reiss profiles
DISC potential analysis
Insights MDI

to name just a few.

Ask for the professional experience
If you want to advise others on the career ladder, you should have some experience yourself. To put it bluntly: A university graduate will hardly have the necessary foresight and insight into entrepreneurial processes in order to make a qualified judgment. A good career coach can therefore be recognized by the fact that he has some years of professional experience in his field.

In addition, most job coaches usually have themselves as a leader worked and can therefore assess what other executives require of employees and what qualities they require.

Make an appointment
During a preliminary talk, you can work out whether you and the job coach fit together. Without the right chemistry , the advice will have little success. After all, you have to trust the job coach to make important life decisions.

In this interview, you should ask how the coach has planned the exact procedure . You will get an impression of his expertise and his work , which also makes it easier for you to decide for or against the career adviser.

By the way: Reputable providers offer the preliminary talk for free . So that's another indication of decision-making . So that you will not be confronted later with costs, you have to confirm in advance in writing that this first appointment will be free of charge for you.

Get a second opinion
What most of us only know from the medical field also applies to career counseling. When making important decisions, do not rely on just one opinion . Make sure to arrange a (free) preliminary talk with at least one other job coach.

Ask questions!
Already in the preliminary discussion, you should ask your job coach some basic questions. Especially then, if you have agreed with a number of consultants a free initial interview, you can compare the answers and come to a result faster:

Can you describe your offer exactly?
Get a detailed overview of the consultant's methods, techniques and procedures . Usually you will also find the first clues on the coaches website.

Where is your focus?
Most career counselors have focused on a particular focus . Ask for it to let you know if it suits you and your needs.

Did you already have clients with similar questions?
This question concretizes something else from above. After explaining to the job coach what you are doing, find out if he has worked in that area. A good indication, for example, is that the counselor has already worked with clients who were in a similar situation .

What will this cost me?
Consultations are usually not exactly cheap - this is no different with a job coaching and fast are several hundred euros due . In order to avoid cost traps, you should therefore request an exact listing of the costs at the first call.

Then agree with the job coach on the advice, you should record the extent, duration and costs in writing and be confirmed. Incidentally, a look in the terms and conditions of the consultant does not hurt.

Where does job coaching take place?
Where job coaching takes place depends on which job coach you choose. If, for example, you take advantage of the offer of the employment agency or the job center , the advice will usually be held on site in the premises.

If you book the job coach on your own initiative, that is, because you want to change your career or have a specific question about your future working life, the coaching will probably be held at the jobcoach .

Many self-employed job coaches now offer online coaching . The coaching conversation is conducted via Skype or another video chat. The advantage: Counselors can choose from a larger pool of coaches and save the time for arrival and departure.

But sometimes it happens that companies book a job coach for their employees. In this case, the coaching can also be done directly at the workplace . This has the advantage that the consultant gets an insight into the daily work process and thus has more concrete clues for his advice.

Job coaching is also available in completely different places: Some consultants also offer their coaching in the open air or even on vacation . This can be especially interesting for those clients who absolutely have to get their heads free and therefore need as much distance as possible from their actual environment.


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