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Moral compass: 5 groundbreaking questions

Every human being has a moral compass that sets a direction in life, helps with big decisions, and is responsible for what we consider important in life. He defines the values ​​that we stand for and that we expect from others - and he is a guide to the path that each individual takes in his life . An important internal tool that can be further improved with the right questions. We've collected five groundbreaking questions that you should ask yourself to find out where your inner compass leads you ...

Moral compass: 5 groundbreaking questions
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5 groundbreaking questions for the moral compass
The moral compass can be manipulated
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5 groundbreaking questions for the moral compass
Before you jump to the following questions and answer them one after the other in a fast-forward, you should take enough time to really think, to encourage self-reflection and to be honest with yourself.

Some questions are difficult to answer , but to understand how your moral compass is ticking, it is necessary to listen in and honestly answer important questions.

What do I want to achieve in my life?
A literally groundbreaking question that often does not receive enough attention: Do you really know what you want to achieve in life and where to go? Now, before you nod prematurely and lie to yourself, you should seriously think again.

It is not enough to ask yourself this question and stick to the answer for the rest of your life. Goals and desires change over time and should be questioned. Only a few take the job they wanted as a child, because it just did not turn out to be the right one.

Also avoid the mistake of making inaccurate statements. I want to be successfulis not enough to answer this question. Listen in on yourself and define a clear path . Do you want to be self-employed, work in a company up to management or do you want to start a family and put your career behind? Only when you honestly name your own goals can you work towards their achievement.

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What is holding me back?
Are you staying behind your potential? Not a few people could accomplish much more if they only dare, but something always seems to intervene . Ask yourself if you are alike.

One of the most common brake pads on the leg is anxiety - in a variety of ways. Some are afraid of risking something, others are afraid of the changes that could occur.

Only if you really know what holds you back, can you tackle the root of the problem and do something about it. Fears can be overcome, but only if you face them.

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What drives me?
Some have an extraordinary personal ambition, others are motivated to realize what they can afford to succeed in and others are driven by their family. But no matter what your personal motivator is, you need to know it .

Another important factor is your passion , which acts as a motor. If you do what you heartily enjoy and fit your personality, you will need less motivation, but you will need to be committed and willing to win to become better and more successful in what matters to you.

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How do I know what's right or wrong?
Our moral compass is largely responsible for what we feel is right or wrong. But how was the compass calibrated? There are many ways to decide what is good or bad and sometimes we are ready to fool ourselves.

For example, one's own point of view is regularly overstated - which is a comprehensible behavior. Nobody likes to admit that he is wrong, but in other areas, too, one should question one's own point of view. Why do I think something is wrong? Am I sure that something else is better? Added to this is the question of who makes the actual decision about good and evil.

While we always believe we make our own judgment, in truth, it usually doesfalsified by external influences . Often we already have attitudes to a person or thing before we first meet them in person.

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What would I change if I could?
Things that have passed away can no longer be influenced, which is why it is mostly wasted energy to get angry about it. Instead, you should learn from mistakes and do better in the future. It is different with the present, here you can actively influence - and should do so.

In the way is a blockage that exists in the minds of many: I can not help it. Once in this thought pattern, one finds oneself with an unsatisfactory situation and remains, although one notices that it makes unhappy and one would like to change something.

With the necessary will always something can change. It can be exhausting and overcoming costBut if you really want it, you should roll up your sleeves and change the things that bother you.

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The moral compass can be manipulated
The moral compass can be manipulatedPeople like to consider their own moral compass absolutely non-negotiable. Here, all the values ​​you represent, the attitudes you stand for and the principles that are important to you in life. All this is true, but unfortunately the moral compass is anything but inviolable .

In fact, it's actually relatively easy to get people to betray their self-proclaimed principles and even argue for the exact opposite. For example, this phenomenon was shown by a scientific team from Lund University. In their study , they impressively demonstrated how simple it is to dissuade people from their own moral concepts .

All it took was a manipulated questionnaire , which, according to the survey , proved that the participants ticked the exact opposite of their original opinion. They asked for different moral principles and various topics that were discussed in the media. It was really amazing when the participants were confronted with their own - but now manipulated - answers.

Nearly 70 percent have not even noticed at least one of the changes. Many even started arguing for the opposing views and defending their views, even though a short while earlier they had indicated a completely different viewpoint on the questionnaire.

So it's nothing like basic principles carved in stone that make no compromises. It's enough of a little trick and a majority of people begins to argue passionately for a completely different opinion.


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